To The Trade

      Over the past ten years, I have built a strong reputation as an art consultant and advisor for private clients, as well as with design professionals both nationally and internationally.  I continue to work as an art advisor, cultivation private collections. In recent years I have taken on the role as primary curator for Triad Art Group, a fine art brokerage firm and artist representatives, providing art to galleries and museums around North America.

This combined experience puts me in a unique position to work with trade professionals to provide art directly from Triad’s private collection, allowing better margins for the designer.  We also have an impeccable reputation allaying fears that may arise from buying art from unknown sources.  Our inventory has been acquired under the greatest scrutiny and academic research.  We also have a wide variety of 19th, 20th, and 21stcentury master prints, spanning from Renoir, Picasso to living artists such as Jim Dine and Alex Katz.

       This is an exciting time for our businesses to provide an opportunity for new and unique collaborations with design professionals. We understand the design process and realize some of the newer complications working with clients.  When everything is at our clients’ finger tips, design professionals have to work harder to cultivate relationships and accumulate sources that are exclusive. We can help revitalize the experience of working with a designer.  A collaboration with Hope Lloyd Brown Fine Art and Triad Art Group will help legitimize and educate you and your design staff, providing you with the tools that you will need to sell investment level art to your clientele.

Art is incredibly subjective and finding the right piece can be a process and often falls at the end of a design project when both time and budgets are running low.  I work with designers in three ways to facilitate the process of finding art for their projects…

  1. Working with HLB is a simple process for a designer, all that is required is to see the space, know the dimensions and the budget.  From there, I search for specific pieces for the project.  Working with galleries, artists and dealers to find the perfect piece and/or working from our personal inventory which can be offered to designers at better margins.

   2.  Hands-off Approach – Designers can recommend and refer me to clients. I offer a finders-fee to the designer for successful referrals.

   3.  Hope Lloyd Brown Fine Art, Inc. also sources art for photoshoots and other staging needs, quotes given on a project to project basis.  

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